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Product name : LED Floodlight 30W (External controlled)
Item : NS-F30WR - EC
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RGB Floodlight (External control way)

1) One RF controller external ( Control range 10M)
2) All lamps connect In parallel way,  no quantity limitation, no power limitation.
3) All the floodlights work in same patten, and color changing synchronously. 
4) 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W are available. Working voltage: AC85-265V.
5) Floodlight external control mainly use for the project, such as building, billboard and park decoration ect.
6) All the Floodlight with CE&RoHS approval, 1916LED promise at least 3 years warranty.
7) Pls feel free to contact for more details on RGB Floodlight-external control way.

Connection wiring diagram:


1. High intensity: Adopt to stainless steel and zinc alloy for the body, high intensity, anti-corrosion, precision polishing process, and elegant figures.

2. Adopt to thicken toughened glass for the cover, frictional resistance and afford more than 1000KGthings.

3. Excellent waterproof: Use silicone glue for seal, and handle with the secondary waterproof process, having feature of good waterproof.

4. Aseismic design: Adopt to strong aseismic design, and effectivelysolvethelightfallen offfor thestrongvibration,shorterlife span,supportfractureand soon.

5. Good heat dissipation: Adopt to aluminum, good heat transmission, low temperature for cover, safe and excellent protection

6. Convenient installation: easy to installed and maintained and be suit for lots of application areas.

7Cold light sources design, no heat radiation, harmless for our eyesight and skin. No mercury or lead and other pollution element and materials, making out friendly environment in nature.

8. Saving energy: Compared with traditional lamp, save more than 60% energy.

9. Long life span: Adopt high quality and imported high power LED as light source, high stability and long life span.

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